UPDATE: From 1 January 2018, I’m in full-time employment as a special education teacher, and will not be taking on paid editorial assignments. I am still open to collaborations in the fields of disability and social service activism (campaigns, theater and other art forms, etc). Just contact me!

Hello! I’m Alvan.

I am a freelance writer and editor with 6 years’ experience in the editorial, publishing and corporate communications field. For 8 years, I was in the social service sector and took on various roles as a special education teacher, advocacy executive and deputy director of a voluntary welfare organisation.

I offer writing, editing, copyediting and proofreading services. Among the editorial/publishing companies I have worked with are Ethos Books, Tuber Productions, PlattsZDNet, and more – check out the fine details on my LinkedIn page.

I also take pretty pictures to accompany the deathless prose I churn out. I’ve held sponsored photography exhibitions at The Arts House and NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House.

I have written two publications: Exceptional Journeys: Ten case studies of positive employment practices for persons with disabilities, published by TAFEP (Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices) and SG Enable; and A world to change: Inspiring lives in social work, published by the Singapore Association of Social Workers. Other published works include op-ed pieces and commentaries for TODAYChallenge, and the Disabled People’s Association Singapore.

I am also available for speaking engagements and workshops on disability and writing/publishing topics – which, admittedly, seem to be in disparate realms. But, hey, these are my areas of expertise. Just email me to discuss and haggle.

[All text and photos on this site are mine unless otherwise stated.]

Shout-outs to fellow creatives I had the pleasure of knowing and working with. These folks are pros!

My cartoon avatar (the one you see when I reply in the comments) was done by Tay Khai Xin. It’s a great likeness – the specs, the smile, all the way right down to my, ahem, distinguished greying mane.

If you are looking for an illustrator, check out the exquisite portfolios of Chen ZiyueIsaac Liang and Hau En. (Don’t miss Hau En’s awesome webcomic too!)

Professional photographer for personal, school and corporate events? You need Isabelle Lim.

Perhaps you are looking for handmade crafts for decoration or gifts? Mimi Ng is the artist to go to!

You need a mime to liven up your event. Or you feel your drama class needs that touch of something more. Gophi Nathan is the man + mime artiste for the job!

For media production and scriptwriting and video stuff, you should look at Ivan Chew and his team.