I first met May almost two decades ago in a sign language class she was teaching. I still remember what she said back then about me having a distinctive style in my then-nascent signing – which made me go, hey wow, my cute sign language instructor noticed me! She’s now an old friend and, in the Deaf community, a senior I respect and look up to (though we don’t always agree on everything!)

Thank you very much, May, for your friendship, for welcoming me into the Deaf world, and for being one of the first to embrace me as part of the community.

Link to Sunday Times feature “It Changed My Life: Youth camp taught her to be proudly Deaf and aim high”.


Let’s look at ‘d’ art

Here’s an essay I did for s/pore, an “e-journal (which) aims to provide a much-needed multi-disciplinary platform for the dissemination of works investigating different aspects of historical and contemporary Singapore society.”

Please don’t let the description put you off – for the current issue on disability studies, my follow contributors and I wrote in a personal, accessible and (largely) non-academic manner. (Check out the entire issue here.)

Thanks to Victor Zhuang and editors for the guidance. In my piece, I also managed to either mention or quote from sages such as Confucius, Azariah Tan, Jorain Ng, Isabelle Lim and Ramesh Meyyappan.

Ok, maybe not Confucius.

AOPAD 43: Rainy day jam


“Your toilet is bigger than your kitchen!”

These days, we are awash in Deliberate Online Falsehoods. Offline too. The statement above is one example. How do I report the deliberate offline falsehooder?

[Image description: Four open umbrellas sitting on the floor of a kitchen in a single file and taking up all the available floor space. They are hemmed in by a fridge, trolley and washing machine on the left, and a recessed cabinet with sink and walls on the right.]

AOPAD 42: I am wondering..

.. if, across the Straits of Johor, someone is wondering if there is anyone wondering whether someone is wondering if there is anyone wondering across the Straits of Johor.

[Image description: Landscape photo – in the foreground are trees and greenery, a triangular expanse of water in the middle ground, and in the background, a cluster of red-roofed high-rise blocks stretching across the center and right and a single white block on the left, all surrounded by low-rise buildings. Further back are buildings obscured by fog.]

AOPAD 41: Reviewing things 4


I have always wanted a pet plant.

Yesterday, I chanced upon this thyme plant in a pot for sale at the MDAS stall at the Purple Parade event – and it was love at first sight. (I’m not sure if thyme reciprocates the feeling.)

So far, it’s been a good plant, surviving six hours of travel and being jiggled on an hour-long bus ride, and now looking green and cute tiny leafy atop the washing machine (where more jiggling beckons). That’s the only accessible spot in the house which gets sunlight, albeit only in the morning.

For a long-term review of its hardiness in the hands of a neophyte wannabe gardener who depends on Google for plant care matters, check back in a week.


I’m the tacky type, so I wish to make a public announcement about how giving and generous I am.

Made a donation to the trio of Ah Low, Ah Singh and Ms Lim. Because all of us right-thinking citizens cannot let them be sued till their pants drop, for that will be the day we in Singapore walk around naked.

Made a donation to HOME. Because migrant workers count. I see them everyday still working on my estate – finishing up the walkways, widening the roads, constructing a brand new BTO across the road.

Made a donation to ICA. Because I lost my NRIC… at the Istana of all places.

And that’s the end of the story of my SG Bonus.

AOPAD 40: Reviewing things 3


Review of IKEA Kungsfors wall grid: It’s ok. You can set it up with hooks and containers and whatever. But what I really like is the magnetic knife rack. How rad would it be to lay out my knives suspended in a row like that. A bit like the scene in Kill Bill where Uma selects from an array of samurai knives or maybe it’s a different movie.

Anyway, I got the thing put up.

Then I got sharp shiny knives.

Am I cool or what.

Then it turns out they aren’t magnetic.